Why the name Roast Master-3 (RM-3)?

This new model of our Micro 3kg roaster is equipped with the latest RM profile replication system which is a type of Advanced roasting plan automation. We hope that our roaster can not only do automated profile replication roasts, but also perform the automation in a way that closely resembles what the roast master would originally want to do when fine tuning the roast profile for each individual coffee. Hence, we named this latest and smarter-than-before roast profile replication system Roast Master.

What’s different about the new RM profile replication system?

One of the biggest and most significant features that differentiates our RM profile replication system from other profile replication systems is: we factor in Rate of Rise (RoR) for bean temperature readings” when performing profile replication automated roasting.

Also, additional data such as the differential pressure profile of the roast chamber is also recorded, tuned, and replicated during the process. By monitoring and factoring in these additional roast parameters, we increased the possibility of doing automated roast replications with higher precision and better flavor accuracy.

Another major benefit that comes along with our newest RM profile replication is: the ability to do automated roasts with different batch sizes using only one roast profile. 

By simply loading a roast profile and changing the batch size via our roaster’s touch screen panel, the RM profile replication system will automatically adjust the different roast control settings to account for the change in the amount of green coffee loaded. Then, simply press the “Auto” button, and the roaster will automatically start roasting for you!

How can RM-3 benefit roasters?

  • Minimize the impact of roasting environment changes. 

Multiple parameters monitored during roasting and controlled during replication, giving our users better accuracy both profile-wise and flavor-wise. 

  • Less work: one curve for all possible batch sizes.

As mentioned before, just change the batch size on our touch screen panel and press “Auto”, our roaster will finish the rest for you. Managing different batch sizes has never been easier.

  • Less green coffee needed for sampling (and allowing sample roasting on your shop roaster) 

Not only eliminating the need for an additional sample roaster, together with the batch size manipulation function on the RM-3, we allow roasters to sample roast a bag of green coffee to their satisfaction and then use the profile directly for their first production-sized batch. 

What kind of users are best suited for using RM-3?

  • Specialty roasteries/cafes that want to automate the roasting process but still maintain the highest possible quality.
  • Cafes that want to provide a more diverse menu offering (hence needing to regularly roast smaller amounts of various different coffees)
  • Roasteries or cafes that often carry the same bag/batch of green coffee for months (hence needing to roast the same bag/batch of green coffee over a longer period, increasing the possibility that changes in ambient conditions may affect roasting.)

Spec sheet for the RM-3


Best baking capacity: 2kg

Limited Offer: Roast-Master Roaster Special Discount !!! During the new model launch promotional period which lasts untill June 30th
New customers can:
  • Enjoy a discount up to 1,600 USD for the purchase of a full-package Rubasse Micro RM3 roaster
  • Recieve 50 free roast profiles
Rubasse clients can: 
  • Enjoy a discount up to 1,600 USD for the purchase of a full-package Rubasse Micro RM3 roaster
  • Get an additional 400 USD repurchase discount
  • Recieve 50 free roast profiles

Feel free to contact us for further information!

RM-3 Internal testing revealed(Member Exclusive)

Below is an article about how the new RM system can possibly help roasters that hope to have more sampling and production flexibility while still maintaining the same product quality - All using the same roaster!


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