Pre-heat and constant temperature system

All Rubasse roasters are equipped with the auto preheat system, which allows roasters reach target charge temperature within 5 minutes. It profoundly enhances production efficiency. (Traditional drum roasters might take you more than 30 minutes)

  Warmup duration (min) between-batch charge temp. reset duration (min) batches per hour
Other drum roaster 20~30 5~10 2~3
Rubasse Roasters 3~5 3~5 4~5
Auto-pilot System

From roaster warm up to post-cooling unloading, our automated roaster functions have you covered:

  • Step1
    Auto charge after finishing preheating

  • Step2
    Fully automated smart roasting, follow your selected roast profile by automatically adjusting heat power, exhaust, and drum rotation speed.

  • Step3
    Auto discharge after finish roasting

  • Step4
    Auto stirring and cooling after discharging

  • Stpe5
    Auto release