Safety & Danger Prevention

When using a coffee roasting machine, everyone knows that it needs to be warmed up from room temperature to a higher operating temperature before roasting. When using a gas roasting machine, this process actually takes a lot of time. It starts at room temperature of 26°C and preheats to 200°C or higher. After the entire drum is heated up, it cools down to 100°C and then preheat again to the target bean temperature of 180°C. The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes. Roasters often use this time to pick beans, brew coffee, and do other things. If they are not standing in front of the roasting machine, they might come back later and find that the fire is not on, and they might accidentally ignite it, which can cause a flash fire or explosion.

Starting from the perspective of a roaster, Rubasse has developed a series of easy-to-use and reliable safety mechanisms to protect personal and property safety while pursuing coffee flavor and intelligent reproduction.

▼ Locking the upper limit of the preheat temperature

Rubasse not only allows the computer to automatically warm up the machine but also automatically controls the firepower to keep the warm-up temperature constant at the set value. It even locks the upper limit of the preheat temperature. Even if you are negligent for a moment, Rubasse roasting machine still maintains a safe temperature. (Reminder: roasting coffee is a high-temperature operation, and it is recommended to stay by the roasting machine throughout the process.) Even for roasting novices who input a higher warm-up temperature, the computer will help you lock it at the limit of 260°C to prevent the drum from burning out at high temperatures and protect the roasting machine.

▼ Set the warming temperature to 250°C, and the computer will automatically warm up to 250°C

▼ Setting the preheat temperature too high at 300°C will automatically be locked by the computer to a maximum of 260°C

Automatic circuit breaker

When roasting coffee beans, if roasted to a dark level where the second crack is imminent, the temperature will typically reach around 240°C. However, if the temperature exceeds 260°C, the coffee beans will already have been carbonized and could potentially catch fire inside the roasting chamber. If the computer detects that the actual temperature inside the drum exceeds 260°C, it will automatically shut off the heat power to prevent further heating and prevent the danger of coffee bean combustion.

Early Warning System

During the coffee roasting process, mistakes can happen due to improper or distracted operation, which may cause the coffee beans inside the roaster to catch fire. When the temperature inside the boiler exceeds 300°C, the computer will sound an alarm and lock the exhaust, firepower, and rotation speed of the entire machine, with a window reminding the roaster.

▼ 偵測到鍋爐內部超高溫度 ,警鈴響起,全機系統鎖住。(本圖為圖解用,實際高溫警報值為300°C)

▼ 偵測到鍋爐內部超高溫度 ,警鈴響起,全機系統鎖住。(本圖為圖解用,實際高溫警報值為300°C)