【 Roaster introduction 】

MK Coffee Roasters, founded in 2018 and located in ChangShou street near ShuLin train station, puts “roasting craftsmanship” as its brand’s core value. 

Being a local himself, Mark, the founder of MK Coffee Roasters,  believes that there must be people in ShuLin who are passionate about coffee as much as he does. His Wishes for his shop is to establish an emotional connection with the customers and become their go-to spot whenever they have the caffeine crave.

During the pandemic period in 2021, MK Coffee Roasters participated in the annual espresso evaluation by Coffee Review and received a score of 94 for their classic espresso.

In 2022, MK Coffee Roasters made it to the themed evaluation report of Coffee Review for the second time, achieving the second-highest score of 93. The judges noted the coffee as “suave”and“balanced,” as mark has always aimed to perform in his coffee.

For the third consecutive year in 2023, this time Mark not only make it into the finals again but actually topped the Coffee Review themed evaluation report with the overall highest score of 95 globally. Tirelessly exploring the possibilities of roasting, Mark stated, “For dark roasts, I would like to let my roast be different from the bitter or burnt notes typically associated with it. In addition to the expected heaviness and richness, I added a touch of liveliness to the coffee.” And that “touch of liveliness” was definitely recognized by the judges in the report.

【 Thoughts on receiving recognition from Coffee Review 

It’s a great pleasure to be able to get nominated in the themed evaluation report of Coffee Review for three consecutive years. This has really exceeded my expectations since that my initial motivation to participate in Coffee Review themed evaluation is only to see at what level my products stand when compared with other coffee roasters.

In August 2021, the theme was classic espresso, considering that a classic blend must be able to show its best in all beverages ranging from hand drip to latte, I used my in-house blend as the designated blend for that evaluation. It was an honor to receive such a score of 94. The particular blend thus became popular among new and old customers here at MK Coffee Roasters.

In August 2022, the theme was everyday single-origin coffees. As some one who’ve always preferred washed coffees, thus selected my in-house Ethiopian washed coffee I’ve been selling for a long time without hesitation, and this time we made it into final selection again with a score of 93. Throughout all the recognitions, my approach have always been to offer delightful coffee to my customers, just as I enjoying wonderful coffee myself.

In June 2023, it came to the theme that I have a lot of interest in, which was “dark roast,” and as you can see, I cannot be happier with the results.

My guideline when entering these kind of evaluations is that I always use regular in-house product when participating in themed evaluations. MK coffee roaster’s main product are roasted coffee beans, and roasting great coffee beans is my duty. When I receive a new batch of beans, I’ll put in extra efforts to think about what flavor notes I want this batch of beans to deliver, and how to make it more captivating. For me, I can only say that It was a great honor to be recognized globally, and being the top-scorer within participants coming all across the globe? That just seems too good to be true. 

However, honors and review points aside, In the ever-changing world of coffee roasting, pursuing better flavors in one’s products is a common goal among roasters. It’s like a holy grail that every coffee roaster would chase after it endlessly. In my view, I would also like to say that (besides finding better flavors) adding a touch of uniqueness and happiness is also equally important.

【 How has RUBASSE helped 

RUBASSE offers the advantage of accurate record-keeping, allowing us to understand how different brewing techniques affect flavor profiles during cupping sessions. Additionally, when it comes to large-scale roasting, RUBASSE provides flexibility, ensuring that the roaster can meet the demand when it’s high.

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