We are happy to announce that Frad Coffee located in Penang, Malaysia will become the official Malaysia distributor of Rubasse NIR digital roasters!! 

The name Frad stands for “Freshly Roasted And Delivered”,  suggesting their promise to only deliver freshly roasted coffee beans right to your doorsteps.  

Also, Frad coffee is a local distributor of many other coffee related equipment besides our NIR coffee roasters, and they are also an established coffee education center offering coffee courses on multiple different aspects of coffee.

So for the folks in Malaysia, feel free to contact Frad coffee if you are interested in trying out one of our coffee roasters, or you can just shoot them a DM if you have any coffee-related questions in general 😉

Rubasse Malaysia official FB page:https://lihi2.cc/BY7XV

Frad coffee FB page:https://lihi2.cc/zOVZl